Birthday Party Ideas

What is the best birthday party gift? What is the best birthday party favor

KOOZIES! What did you expect?! Here are 5 reasons why koozies should make an appearance at your next birthday party.




  1. Birthday Gift—The recipient will be super surprised!  My favorite idea is to give this at a surprise birthday party.  Koozies are perfect for milestone birthdays—  30th, 50th, 70th, ect.
  2. Quotable—“I’m not getting old. I’m getting better.” “It took Diane 50 years to look this good.”
  3. Party Favor—All your guests leave with something they can use again.  The koozie is a reminder of how awesome your party was too.
  4. Add a Picture—Did you know we can print a photograph on a koozie?  Add a baby picture on your customizable birthday koozie.
  5. Appropriate for all ages—You can fit a baby bottle in a koozie- honestly!  Not only that, koozies are great for little kid’s birthday parties.

What is your favorite idea birthday koozie idea?

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Wedding Favor Koozies

Koozies Make the Perfect Wedding Favor!

Top 5: Reasons To Customize Koozies For Your Wedding

1.  Koozies can be used for soda, beer, water or decorations.  The possibilities are endless…

2.  The wedding favor keeps on giving!  It’s the kind of gift that will be used again, and again by your guests!

3.  Keeps your drink cold for the entire reception!

4.  Customize them with your own saying, or add a funny saying… (See some happy KoozieZ customers below:  H*ly Sh!t You’re Getting Married!)

5.   Your friends and family will love posing with the wedding favor koozies!


Celebrity Koozies


Oh goodness! I can’t believe this is real.  I mean I knew it was possible but and I guess everything can or has been done but celebrity mugshot koozies.

These would be a humorous gift for that friend that is always up to date on the celebrity gossip.  Since like the most popular celebrity mugshot koozies are Charles Manson and other mass murders, which is a little unsettling, however no the less these are a great idea.

The print process use for these koozies make it even possible for you to get your friends mugshot on a koozie just like the celebrities.  Many country jails share publicly arrest inquiries and mugshot pictures.

I can’t see it now, I arrive to my own party with a SURPRISE!!!! we wanted to remind you of a horrible day in your life, so here’s to it!  Everyone raises for a cheer and BOOM! My mugshot on a koozies with a quote like “Ride or Die Tryin”.

Now, I am not saying I’ve been arrest, the above was a hypothetical scenario. I am just letting you know it is possible if you and your friends have the sense of humor for it. We all know you’re a special breed if you find your arrest funny. Unless it was for beating the crap out of a bully, then  you should be proud.

To get a peek at what I mean by celebrity mugshot koozie, check’em out!

Can you tell who they are?


Mr. David Bowe

Mr. David Bowe

PeeWee Herman Folks
PeeWee Herman Folks

TuPac Lives
TuPac Lives

The only one WINNING!
The only one WINNING!

Glitz Glamour and Sparkles

Bling Bling

A cheer leading coach wanting to do something EXTRA special for her cheer squad after they won the 2012 National Championship.

Her plan was to order foam koozies and fill them up with yummy candy.  She chose black koozies with white ink. She then went to Michael’s and picked up from glitz and sparkles to give the koozies some extra bling bling!

Here is a picture of what the gift looked like when she was done.



If you like this idea and would like to do something similar, here are the directions

1. Purchase koozies (

2. Head over to your local craft store and pick up the items you want to use to decorate the koozies along with a square piece of foam to hold the candy up and chop sticks.

3. Purchase a variety of yummy candy

 4. Take out your glue gun and get to work, gluing the bling to the koozies and the candy to the sticks.

5. Cut the sticks to form the bouquet shape of your choice.

6. After all glue had dried, tape small foam square at the bottom of the koozie, covering the small hole on the bottom.

7. Now it’s time to stuff the koozies with the goodies.

In 7 simple steps you koozies will be ready to be given out.

~ Along with the picture coach sent over she also told us that the girls were so excited to get their cheer koozies.

We love being apart of these moments.

Gifts For Christmas

Tis’ the season to be jolly

Pedal Pusher Clip Art

Pedal Pusher Clip Art

This is a wonderful time of the year, family and friends come together in celebration.

One difficult thing about this season is trying to find the right gift for that certain someone in your life that has everything already.  I for one,  always find myself weaving through herds of people in the mall, roaming from store to store picking up things and putting them back.  All of my shopping ventures seemed to be utter fails.

Then Cyber Monday came and I decided to try doing some online shopping to beat the holiday traffic.  Searching for random things, for this special someone that is SO hard to shop for, I was looking at customized items. I thought it would be great to get some personalized cookies or something fun like that.

An AD popped up in my google search about personalized koozies.  A light went off in my head, and I thought, yes…. this will be the gift of the century.

My Aunt is this “special someone” and she has a bike group. They ride about 42 miles every Saturday and I thought it would be fun to get her bottle koozies to share with the group.  They like to drink beer after a long ride no matter how cold outside.

Thanks Again for making me feel excited to give me aunt a gift for the first time in my life.  I am counting the days until Christmas to give them to her!!!

Thanks Again and have a merry x-mas

– Tammy B.

Running At Night

Followed By A Cold Beer


After running for nearly three months in the morning, I’m convinced strenuous exercise in the afternoon is a much better option. I’ll give you a detailed explanation of my outlook and tips for getting a great run out of your day.

Morning routines are the hardest for any upcoming athlete. Waking up early is no easy task, you must get used to it first, before you can stop using an alarm. Also, your body is just waking up and your muscles are still cold from not being used for a long time, this makes coordination and movement slower than when the body is warmed up and ready to go. Most aches and pain are felt in the morning when the body is beginning to stretch and loosen up. Yoga and stretching exercises are mostly done in the morning; this helps increase concentration while stretching. A good run is in order when the muscles have been stretched and loosen up, thus to prevent injury.

On the other hand, afternoon and evening runs are highly recommended because your body is active and you have had at least two meals, thus feeding your body with energy. Your muscles are also warm, loose and ready for activity, even though a light stretch is recommended to prevent injury as well. Personally, I love running at night now. Night runs are usually peaceful, and help your mind focus on posture and pace. One of the main keys to maintain good posture is always keeping a tight abdomen.

I’ve also learned the best way to satiate your thirst for water is drinking a cold beer. Just one beer, carries more nutrients than a regular glass of water and muscle hydration is faster, but this only works for a beer, possibly two. I do not recommend drinking beer and continuing strenuous exercise, this may lead to cramps, possible injury, and brain damage. I like to drink an ice cold beer after a good run, so I usually take my time and enjoy it with a Koozie, which helps keep it colder for a longer period of time!


Slow Ride in Low Season

Customer Service Is Always Key

Once again, it’s that time of the year when sales are extremely slow and businesses struggle to stay afloat. Sales are the #1 priority in my department, so I’m the first one to lose hair when they eek instead of pour in.

My name is Brian and I’m a Sales Manager, usually around this time of the year my company focuses on Marketing and getting new clients to do business with. We were a much smaller company last year and business was casual, but it was a new experience for me and even though I would worry on days where no sales or clients came in, I always kept faith in us as being a superb and excellent company in customer service, the main reason why we would always be our clients favorite company.

It’s that time of the year again. Our company grew with a larger cast of co-workers and partners during high season this year, and we had great projections of what our vision was. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what we had hoped for and had to make some unexpected decisions and let go of some good people who helped us beginning this year. We all know sacrifices need to be made in order for a company to continue, even though it’s hard to see people go. Such is life.

As all things in life, nothing can grow without change. We’ve had some drastic changes on the way we handle our workload this year. And even though it’s hard and demotivating at times when work is this slow, I always find it in me to keep my head up. I’d like to thank God for Football and Beer, because during times like these they provide an excellent source of entertainment and joy to everyone in this world who likes both, and mixes them together!

This has been a great learning year for the company and me, personally. Even though, I’ve had my own struggles and upsets to overcome, I’ve realized we must accept change and hope it’s for the best. We must all move forward without fear of what tomorrow may bring. That being said, I’ll keep fighting for my company to finish strong this year, and come back stronger for our next high season. In the meantime, I’ll just grab a Koozie to keep my beer cold and watch Sunday Night Football!

Reminding Us of the Good Ol’ Days

Being an 80’s baby I love reminiscing of my Saturday mornings, pancakes and cartoons.  These koozieZ are great for 80’s birthday parties. They can be done in a single ink outline or Photo print. Enjoy the collection and keep checking back here, it will continue to

If you steal one of these cookies you can be put in jail

If you steal one of these cookies you can be put in jail

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head

The one and only Thunder Cats

The one and only Thunder Cats


It's 2012 and we could really use Captain Planet

It’s 2012 and we could really use Captain Planet

This one is dear to my <3
This one is dear to my <3

Hey! You forgot Splinter

Hey! You forgot Splinter

Staining Kid's teeth since the early mid 1900's

Staining Kid’s teeth since the early mid 1900’s

Go Joe!

Go Joe!

You stink!

You stink!

Care Bears Care

Care Bears Care

Choosing a Font

Quick List of Fonts

Quick List of Fonts

Ways to Use koozies


A lot of us have old koozies sitting around in draws somewhere. You probably have contemplated throwing them away but some how always change your mind.

Koozies do more than just keep your drink cold and your hand warm. They are much more functional than one may think.

The more you think about it the more ideas you will come up with.


Here is are few ideas:


1. Use a hard foam koozie use as a shaving cream holder. Prevents rust stains and is easy to grip.

Stay Smooth

Stay Smooth













2. Hard Foam Koozies also can make a great organizer for your art supplies.

Art Organizer

Art Organizer










We will up date this post with new ideas and pictures as the come in. In the meantime if you are any ideas of your own to share, please let us know, we would love to share more fun ways to get use out of those old koozieZ

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