Koozies for Leaving Ashland

There’s something pretty wonderful about receiving not only a great review from a customer, but some pics to go with it as well!  We love seeing what our clients use koozies for, where the koozies have been and especially love seeing people enjoying them!  Many times we receive wonderfully glowing reviews but don’t often get to see pics of the koozies in action.  We so enjoy hearing of our customer’s events and businesses and the time that goes into planning them that it’s the cherry on top of the cake when they send us pics of the koozies in action as well.

Below are some snapshots from a customer we’ve worked with on several occasions.  They get koozies made up as a promotional material for their band!  In addition to t-shirts and various other memorabilia koozies can be purchased at their lives shows.

Thanks so much to the band Leaving Ashland for taking those super pics and sending them over.  Hoping we can hear you guys live some day soon!

Group Pic of Leaving Ashland

Leaving Ashland Band

Leaving Ashland Koozie

Koozie with Leaving Ashland Design

Bottle with Leaving Ashland Koozie

Leaving Ashland Bottle Koozie



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