NFL Maddness

The Real March Madness
Either you live under a rock, or you really don’t care about the world of sports. Actually, this it’s been on every newspaper sports related or not. In only one day, the NFL developed 4 headlines that individually would be enough, but as it is the NFL it want’s to claim every tittle, even the one that belongs to NCAA basketball: MARCH MADNESS. Let’s take a look to some of the most notorious headlines developed recently in the NFL:

Manning to the Broncos
On monday, Peyton Manning decided that he will play for the Denver Broncos for the 2012 season for a 96 million dollar contract for 5 years, 20 millions guaranteed. After a bidding war against the San Francisco 49’ers, the Tennessee Titans and the Broncos. John Elway promised he will help Peyton become one of the leagues best quarterbacks ever. Broncos fans, here you can get some of the newly released Manning-Broncos merchandise. Also you can get some cool custom products to make it even more personalized.
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Tim Tebow to the Jets
After Manning’s signing, Tim Tebow became the “odd an out” in Denver. He said “I understands the sittuation… we are talking about Peyton Manning here.” Thisstarted a bidding battle between the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars, which ultimately the Jets end up winning. We also heard that Tebow had the chance to pick which team to go. Beeing the Jets an obvious pick because of the marketing potential of the region. New York is a huge market and they just landed the most popular NFL player. Get ready to see Tebow in the next cover of GQ Magazine and for a name change from Times Square to Tim’s Square.
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The “Bounty” Sentence
News broke yesterday for the NFL’s decision to punish some of the coaches and players from the New Orleans 2009 team which where involved in a bounty program that set prices for some of the most notable QB’sin the NFL: Kurt Warner, Bret Favre, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton had prices for knocking them out of the game. 
  • Coach Payton received a suspension without pay for the 2012 season.
  • Coach Greg Williams received an indefinite suspension.
  • Mike Loomis, the general manager got suspended for the first 8 games of the 2012 season.
  • Assistant coach Joe Vitt, got suspended for the first 6 games of the season.
  • The Saints organization will pay a $500.000 fine.

The sentence for the players involved haven’t been released yet, because of the undergoing investigation from the NFL Players Association. Suspensions and fines are expected.

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RGIII To the Skins? Not so sure.
Yesterday was Baylor University pro day. Two players where the highlights: Robert Griffin III, QB, and Kendall Wright, WR. Both expected to go on the first round of April’s draft. RGIII workout left everybody with a big smile in their faces. Mostly on the Washington Redskins contingency. They left without comments but we are pretty sure they left very satisfied. They can potentially land RGIII and end a long time QB drought since Mark Rypien in the early 90’s. The question is if the Indianapolis Colts, which holds the first selection of the draft. They are expected to pick Stanford’s QB Andrew Luck, which pro day is this upcoming thrusday.
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All this drama in only a day or two. This is drama, this is march madness indeed.

Hot Key Tips from the Koozie Team

Koozie Team Makes your Life Easier

Daily Computer Tasks

Working on the computer can be time consuming, so muchclicking and scrolling and typing. UGGG!!!!

All this clicking and scrolling can tack on more time to complete the job at hand. Many of us don’t know and have not taken the time to learn about Hot Keys.

Hot Keys may show up when you hover the mouse over an icon in certain programs. But honestly, how many of us take the time to write it down and memorize it and then put them in practice? We assume it is much easier to continue working and not side track ourselves with learning new things.  I promise you, you will become addicted to use and learning about Hot Keys because they are truly amazing.

If you are anything like me than it is safe to assume that you have probably noticed these short cut icons but felt like you just want to get done what ever you are doing in the moment, instead of taking a few seconds to jot down the hot key to put into practice later…

This article will give you all the necessary and most usual hot keys out there, so everyone please save this and once you learn how to use the hot key for split screen keep it open so you can practice. Who knows one day you won’t need a mouse any more and you will decrease your task completion time in half.



For All Purposes:

Skipping through ALL windows opened: ALT + SHIFT + TAB

Skipping BACKWARDS through ALL windows opened: WINDOWS + SHIFT + TAB

Hop back and forth between two doc or pages: ALT + TAB


Copy – CTRL + C

Cut –  CTRL + X

Paste – CTRL + V

Undo – CTRL + Z

Select  ALL – CTRL + A

Save – CTRL + S

Print – CTRL + P

Search – CTRL + F

New Window- CTRL + N

Open – CTRL + O

All Purpose Navigation

Highlight one character to the left- Shift + Left:

Highlight one character to the right – Shift + Right

Highlight from current cursor position, to one line up – Shift + Up

Highlight from current cursor position, to one line down – Shift + Down

Highlight to beginning of previous word- Ctrl + Shift + Left

Highlight to beginning of next word – Ctrl + Shift + Right

Highlight to beginning of previous paragraph – Ctrl + Shift + Up

Highlight to beginning of next paragraph – Ctrl + Shift + Down

For Windows:

open all programs- WINDOWS + E

Search through EVERYTHING – WIN + F

Split screen to have 2 doc/pages open at same time – WIN + Left or Right Arrow

Minimize Page – WIN + M


Sheldon using KoozieZ

Sheldon using KoozieZ




Koozies, One GOOD Way To Break Up with a Girl

10 Worst Non-Koozie Ways to Break-up with a Girl

Advice to Men from a Women

Get a Clue

I have a lot of guy friends that are  ALWAYS asking for advice on what to do when they are no longer interested in dating a girl any more.

My first “SERIOUS” response is “Just make a personalized koozie with a heart felt quote, she’ll understand!”  at which point we laugh and then the REAL discussion begins.

First of all, before I get into theTop 10 Worst Ways to Break-up with a Girl, I must say 1 thing based of an old proverb: Honesty is the Best Policy.  Don’t be a coward and get to the point.

They’re IS nice ways to say, You’re just not that interested. 

Let’s Begin the Count Down

(I used an article from to assist me with the list)

10. When your drunk- Usually when under the influence, we tend to think things are funny when not, have a lose tongue, or can’t get the point across exactly the way we want to.  Also on the receiving end we can perceive all of the above VERY negatively.

So, NEVER break-up with a girl when she OR you are messed up. Don’t mistake your liquid courage as intellect!

9.Stale Sayings- “It’s not You it’s Me…:”  It is by far one the worst things you can.  Just keep it real!

8. John Dear Letters, Facebook, Email and any  non personal contact methods.  Show your face and be a Man

7. During a Date or after asking her to hang out- Don’t ask her to come over to hang out and then try to break it off gently. Guarantee, you will probably hear something like: “You invited me over to tell me THIS???????????”

6. After making commitments- What’s worse than to buy a dog or rent an apartment or make ANY investment for that matter if you are not married or planning on spending the rest of you life with her. Don’t even talk about these things. We as women have tendency to read a little to into things.

5. Leave it to Assumption- NEVER beat around the bush,  get to the point. Don’t just make little comments, be straight forward and direct.

4. Inventing Problems- This will make it worse. Seriously, DO NOT go looking for problems that don’t exist. Once you finally break it off she will remember all the different ways your coward a** couldn’t be real.

3.In Public- This one should be common sense. Receiving bad news in public creates embarrassment. Let her down gently in a private setting, PLEASE

2. Cheating on her– Wanna end up on

1. Disappearing Act- If you are scared and think avoiding the girl or situation will make it easier on you, you thought wrong. She will be at your doorstep sobbing within 36hrs.  Guys, don’t deny it, YOU know you can’t handle a girl crying. She will end up sleeping over that night and you’ll back to square 1.

So guys, keep these tips in a mind and your opportunity of dating her best friend might may still be in your future. LOL

Best Friend of your Ex with the Break-up Koozie you Bought.... At least someone appreciated it!!!

Best Friend of your Ex with the Break-up Koozie you Bought.... At least someone appreciated it!!!

Get a Virtual Makeover along with some Koozies

Get the Look that’s Right for You and your Koozie!

Cool Virtual Makeover Website

Just like offers customers the ability to personalized koozies, there exists websites where you can re-create your look. Whether you want to find a looking for the club, planning your make-up for your wedding or just bored and looking for a little entertainment.

Check out this website and change you appearance today!

My personal favorite is, this website features many different ideas and tips on the latest fashion do’s and don’ts.  The site is linked to most major makeup companies and will tell you the names, shades and brands of all the colors you are interested in, so you know what to purchase, if you like something specific.

 By signing-up for the news letter via the  website you can stay a little a head of the trend. Use the website to become a fashion statement!

Find Your Look

WARNING: You may spend your whole afternoon on this site, so grab your favorite koozie out of your collection, open the computer,  start the web cam and prepare to be adsorbed for hours finding the look that is right for you!

 I spent a good hour  just looking at the New makeovers that people recently posted of themselves, some funny, so good and some, well….. not so good.

The Makeovers starts with your picture of course which you must connect the dots along the face, eyes and mouth, then the fun begins.

First, choose your hair style and color. You can choose from the latest red carpet hair-dos, particular celebrity looks as well as ever day hair styles.  Change the color of the style and add highlights as you see fit. After you must re-size the hair fit your head or you may come out looking like cousin IT.

After you do your hair take a sip fromyour drink and move onto to the face. Foundations are found from the palest flesh tones to the darkest, so if you ever curious to know how you would look with another skin tone play around with this feature (you will laugh). Here you will also choose your blush, and powder. Get your face all made up and move right along to the eyes and brows.

Oh!  the eyes,  to me this is the exciting because not only can you apply as much eye liner as you want, but also you can change the eye color completely.  The next  two options for the makeover before starting a new one (I promise you will do this more than once) are the lips and accessories.

Once you’re done make sure to share you latest look with all of us!

Paris Loves her Custom Koozies

Paris Loves her Custom Koozies

Get a Koozie and “Avoid the Ghetto”

A Map App that doesn’t use Koozies to Guide Them!!!

Your Koozie Guide

Your Koozie Guide`

The “Avoid Ghetto” App

Back in Januaray, Microsoft created a newly patented app for smart phones that has been labeled by some as the  “Avoid the Ghetto” app.

 Basically, for those whom are not aware of this new product, the app is geared to assist pedstrians and motorists by providing them with a GPS map that will get them to their point of destination while avoiding any problematic neighborhoods or areas as well as harsh weather conditions (of course,critics are not focused on this portion of the feature).

 The “Avoid the Ghetto” app will use criminal statistics and reports (source of reports is unknown) to determined which areas to avoid and which are safe.

FOLKS, You know longer have to strap on your air force ones to be able to fly out of a sticky situation, you can avoid them all together!  However, I have heard hear say that koozies can get you out of these areas, but that is pure speculations, so don’t take it seriously!

Anyways, lets take a look at the opposing view points and see where we stand:

Principles of the “Avoid the Ghetto”:

Microsoft centers on drivers, passengers, and pedestrian safety through preventative alerts: in the same way that the sex offenders are required to have all personal information made public.  The laymen terms the app is meant to make you feel safe, and give you the confidence to know you will arrive at your destination unharmed from dangerous situations…

One expert argued that the app was created with concerned fathers at heart to ease the worrisome thoughts of “Where is my daughter”.  The app is not meant to be racists…, how sweet!!

“Avoid the Ghetto” is RACIST:

 The argument is that the app discriminates towards specific neighborhoods, primarily where the population is african american and hispanic.

 Dr. Chinn author of “Technology and the Logic of American Racism” told NPR news  the app could reinforce stereotypical views of certain races and socio-economic classes.

“In much of dominant American culture,” she told the news outlet. “There’s an assumption that criminality and being poor and not white go hand in hand.”( Unknown.”Microsoft ‘Avoid Ghetto’ App Sparks Controversy“, 01/19/12).

In Conclusion:

My personal opinion on this matter is simple. Based on what I’ve read I would have to say if the app depends on statistics and criminal reports for its routing process, than it is not classifing the neighborhoods by race but rather by the activity that happens within the specified area.

If you yourself classify this as “racist” you must have the pre concieved notion that crime is more present in neighborhoods where minorities lives. Just Sayin

Best advice I can give is make customized koozies and have a cheery day :)


We at KoozieZ salute the Champs

    The Koozie Team Supports The Champs!!!

Koozies in the Waves

Koozies in the Waves

We love koozies and we love surfing. The lastest big surfing competition was held on Merewether Beach in Newcastle, Australia which was the CHIKO Pro Junior Surf Championship.  The  reports say the surfing conditioning were  favorable and remained constant through out the competition.  Conditions on the final day were reported to be around 4ft with favorable wave power accompanied by light onshore winds.


In the Men’s Category

The men’s CHIKO junior pro winner was Jesse Mendes who hails from Brazil.  He had a final score of 14.9 which crushed his competitor Moroccan native Hamzi Bokiam who came out of the heat with a final score of 12.25.  Mendes 19 years-old commented on his tactics from that day. saying he was lucky.

After watching the surf from the shore the goof footed surfer said he saw some nice lefts coming in from the north and paddled out to catch them. As the clock was ticking and the waves were not coming in as he expected he decided to move more South.  He claims all his waves came from no where and he grabed some knarly rights which allowed for some killer backhand turns off the bottom and vertical lip smacks.

I bet Mendes’s mom accomanied her teenage son to the tournament and brought along her custom koozie with his name on it to support him until the end!

In the Woman’s Category

19 year-old Bianca Buitendag who also won the 2011 ASP World Junior Champioship event at Narrabeen in 2011 defeated Ellie-Jean Coffrey a well known and highly respected champ.

Buitendag used a simple tactic knowing she did not have priority in the competition so she just left the Bombs all to Coffrey, while she simply went and caught some good waves on the inside where the rights were forming up really well.

As far as wave count is concerned Buitendag blow Coffrey away. Coffrey only caught two waves during the heat.  Reports said the big sets where coming in more and more sporadically as the heat continued.  This means Bianca was smart and used her position as not being priority to her advantage…. YOU GO GIRL!!!

Congratulations to the both of you and can’t wait to see you in the 6 star! Both Jesse Mendes and Bianca Buitendag took home the first prize of $1,800 and Hamzi Bokiam and Ellie-Jean-Coffrey took the second place prize of $900 each.

Sponsors of the Event is hoping to Sponsor one of the CHIKO events in the coming years as our customer base expands to the land down under, where koozies are known as beer huggers.





New Site New Design New has been reveamped and redesigned to better the custom koozie experience.

So, we recently decided to redo our website.  Needless to say it was a lot more work than anyone ever expected.  We started by building a design with  The design process is not as easy as designing custom koozies.  It is easily a 4-6 week process with design proofs, back and forth, voting, etc – it was NOT EASY.

Once you pick out your design, the hard part starts.  This is when you have to take your design and incorporate it into your current website.  This is not as easy as 1-2-3… this is more like rocket science meets astrophysics.  I would say printing koozies is about at 10x as easy as coding a website.  Coding is a process that takes a person who is highly trained a lot of time to get everything right.  Attention is in the details and needless to say – the details are expansive.

Finally, once you get the site designed, you have to get it incorporated and indexed with the search engines so that clients can find you again – this is not as easy as 1-2-3 – I wish it was that easy.

Well – the new site is up and we are selling beer koozies – enjoy!

Custom Koozies are now better at

Custom Koozies are now better at

New Years and New Koozies

2012 – Forget the Mayans – Buy Koozies!

So the New year is about here – say good by to 2011 and let us welcome 2012!

Well 2012 is shaping up to be a good year – just one problem however, the Mayans and a few other cultures are predicting that it is all coming to an end!  Well, I got news for you and a bold BOLD prediction, the world will not end in 2012!

Mayans and Koozies

Mayans and Koozies

You see, 2012 is not the end or the year of the Dragon, it is the year Of the koozies! is rolling in the new year and breaking out everything new.  We will have a new look, a new order form, a new koozie style, and many more things in 2012!

We are excited here about 2012 at and we definitely do not want the world to end.  So Mayan gods, if you are correct and the world is going/supposed to end, I beg you that it does not.  Please let it be so the year of the Koozies lives on forever! 2.0 Is On The Way

We Are Reloading and Revamping Our Site

So is about to have a makeover – the site you see today will not be the site you see in about 3 weeks.  Not only are we changing our koozies order form, but we are also changing the home page of

We are excited! We are proud of what we have done, what we offer our customers, and the koozies we print – but the 2.0 is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

The new site offers all new kinds of features, upgrades, and new order possibilities.  We are and will continue to be the number 1 Koozie company on the web.

So, stick around, come back and visit us in a few weeks and you will see a whole new and improved site; but you will continue to received the same top rate service that we have always offered – same koozies – same great service – new look!!!

New look for koozies

New look for koozies

NFL Week 13 Looks A Little Weak

NFL Weak 13 Has Very Little To Offer


So, Week 13 or should we say Weak 13 looks a little, well let’s say – weak.  There are no marquee match-ups!  The games you thought would be good – say the Pats and the colts – well the only thing that is good about this game is the Colts are one step closer to landing Luck.

Or say the winning record teams – the Texans *my super bowl pick* and the Falcons… well this is going to be nothing more than a boring run fest as the Texans have a great running team and a 3rd string rookie QB in Yates… but isn’t there another 5th string draft choice that is starting today – hmmmm Brady any one? Yates, is this going to be the start of something special?  I doubt it but we will see…

The Saints and the Lions is probably the best match-up, but without Suh do you think the Lions really stand a chance – the only way to beat the Saints is with a brutal pass rush and without Suh – that hurts…

So, I guess Koozie time on monday will really be about printing custom koozies.

Saints love Koozies

Saints love Koozies

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