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Coral Reef Koozie Cups Results

Coral Reef Koozie Cups Results

KoozieZ 4 Fun

Memorial Day

Celebrating Texan Style

Great State of Texas

Great State of Texas

While Memorial Day is Celebrated for remembrance of the fallen soldiers at war, most us Americans mark it as the first day of Summer.  In Texas they are plenty of things to do with friends and family. BBQ’s and picnics are very popular during the whole weekend and it is safe to assume that most states parks will be all booked up. However, the state of Texas has a bunch of different festivals and such going on!

Koozies will be an important focal point for all Texan’s during this weekend Celebration. They are so many different American and Texan style koozies to show you True American Pride. Do start your celebration with out em. Koozies have free admission to which ever event you decide to attend

Thanks for the Updates on what is going on around Texas this Memorial Day Weekend: Here is a list of great ideas.

Dallas Texas

On May 25th Fireworks: Make sure to bring your koozies and gather up the family. Over Lake Grapevine in Dallas the 23 minute firework deisplay will be starting 9:30pm every friday night from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

May 28th Memorial Day Concert  and Fireworks at Flagpole Hill: The Dallas Symphony is putting on a  Memorial Day production for FREE  with American Themed Program accompanied with Fireworks. The Program is to show tribute to the America’s Arm Forces. Bring the family and an blanket along with your Koozie and get out there any enjoy the Symphony, it is NOT everyday you get to listen to them for free!

May 28th Down at the Horse Tracks: Enjoy a day of Thoroughbred racing at the Lone Star’s Winstar, fabulous prizes, delicious food and live music. Be sure to bring the whole family there will be activities for all ages.

May 28th Memorial Day Car Show: Lynn Smith Chevrolet’s Memorial Day Car Show will be going on from 12 noon to 4 pm. There will be lots of prizes going out and it’s only $10 to register your own car. Admission is FREE.

May 28th Paying Your Respects: At 11 am the service will start. Flags will be raised, patriotic music and 21- cannon salute will all be  in place to our honor our veterans.

Austin Texas

May 28th at the Round Rock: Celebrating 40 years of Fiesta Ameistad entry is $7. Prize Games, live music and not a Memorial Day Celebration but a place to hang out and have a good time.

Other than that couldn’t really find much else going on in Austin minus hanging out at Travis Park. Share with us if you know of anything interesting going!

Be sure to check local newspapers and websites to get more information about what is going on in the suburbs. I am sure there is something happening every where in Texas

Everyone stay safe this weekend and before not to drink and drive, you might spill you beer!

Also remember koozies keep your beverage cold for longer. Your Beer will stay cold as long as you are partying!


Yea Super Fun KoozieZ

Yea Super Fun KoozieZ



Things To do With Mom

Ideas of Things to do with Mom on her day


Love Your Mother

Love Your Mother

Show Your Appreciation

Mother’s are wonderful! They have fed us, clothes us, took care of us when we were sick. All of her actions over the years have ben so selfless. Mother’s Day is the time to show your appreciation

Thinking of something to do for Mothers Day?

This year to show your mom how much you love her, let’s think of less traditional  ideas than sending her a dozen carnations. After all, she brought you into this world!

Check out all these 10 great Mother’s Day ideas that will hopefully inspire you on where to eat, what to do and how YOU can spoil you ma’ma, just like she did with you!

1. Whipping Up a Brunch

Everyone knows that Mothers Day is one of the most busiest days of the year for restaurants. Of course, choosing some fancy popular posh restaurant will definitely add some brownie points but if you really want to make some deposits into mom’s love bank, try cooking her a brunch instead and adding in some her favorite dishes, tea or coffee. has some great recipes to make a 5-Star Mother’s Brunch: Here is a quick run down of a few yummy foods you can gret to show your mom just how special she is!

1. German Pancakes

2. Citrus Salad with Honey and Mint

3. Basic Quiche

4. Chicken Salad with Green Apple Basil

Make sure to also include her favorite beverage. If this brunch will be a family event make sure to include personalized cups for everyone to remember this extra special mother’s day celebration

2. Send Love with Flowers

Women love flowers but they are definitely an expected gift for mother’s day. Try to think a new kind of flower bouquet. Like a candy flower bouquet or a chocolate flower vase.  The internet is full of companies making beautiful chocolate roses and other types of flowers.

If your mother isn’t too in to sweets then try to get some cute paper flowers and put them in a vase.  A paper flower bouquet be a great addition to any

office desk!

3.  Hit the Spa

Is there anything better than a day at the spa?  Choose one nearby, pick some treatments you think mom would like and make a day of it. The two of you can bond while getting pampered and then have dinner together afterwards. A spa day for two is not only ultra-relaxing for both of you, but it will make mom feel like a queen.

4. Offer her a helping hand

Working together is a wonderful way to bond with someone. A mother always appreciates help. Maybe gardening in the yard after the super wonderful brunch. Or waking up early to clean her house before she gets up.

If gardening, some great ideas would be to add more shrubs, plants or herbs to her collection.

A helping hand could also mean loading new books to her kindle or adding cool apps to her smartphone. Just think of her hobbies and what she likes to do in her free time and take it from there.

5. Picnic In the Park

Gather up the family some charcoal, snacks and group games. Go to a popular park in your area and let the fun begin.  All moms love to bring the family together to spend quality time with everyone. The day will be unforgettable!

It is very important that Mom does not lift a finger. Make sure she isn’t doing the cleaning or serving people. Stop her in her tracks if you see if this happening and take care of her.

6.  Take in Culture

Have great museums in the your area? Make a plan to go a check it out. Most of us take advantage of these sort of places on regular days. Maybe there could be a good exhibit happening and you don’t even know about. Call around and make a plan.

7. Taking Classes





Whatever, just do something together. This is another great way to learn more about those old passions mom had before she became a mom and let her tap into her  creative side again. always has killer deals on these types of things, check in your local area for what type of classes they have and go from there. Make sure however, to do a little research of what mom likes to do (if you don’t know already), you wouldn’t want her taking dance lessons when she hates dancing.

8. Out to Dinner

Treat mom to dinner,  at her favorite restaurant. Reservations fill up early, and if you’re too late, there are still some ways to orchestrate a major treat. Get her a gift certificate or a customized I.O.U. for a celebration and a heart-to-heart talk when things are less crowded, or try some of the ideas here.

9. Date Night

Still working with her favorite restaurant try making her and hubby and romantic night out together. After all the Mother’s Day fun, let the two of them celebrate a night out.  They won’t have to worry about the bill, they just go out and have a 4 course meal on the house.

10. Hit the Town

Go bowling. Make a day of it: shoot pool, have pizza or subs, and just have fun. Some moms don’t get out a lot, caught up in the housework and tending kids, so she might enjoy a day of exercise and laughs.

Also think of getting dressed up and doing a night out. Maybe go do a show or the theater or any other kind of event that will be happening in your area.

Quick List of Gift Ideas

1. Take Family Photos and have them framed

2. make an old family photo album

3. Herbs and other plants

4. Flowers

5. Chocolates

6.  Books

7.  New Smartphone to keep in contact with everyone

8. Great smelling candles or other scent delights

9. Make personalized Cups

Deciding what do for your mother will all depend on what she like and what kind of person she is. There has been a lot of great ideas presented to you. Take your time and make it special.



KoozieZ Cups Search May

2nd Annual KoozieZ Cup Search

Another Chance to Win

Take a Look Below! Can you find all the Cups in this Picture? CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE

Remember these cups are BPA FREE

Rules to the Game:

1. All answers must be submitted on or before May 24th.

2. The first person to find ALL the cups wins.

 3. Please include a description of where you found the cups.

 4. To respond with an answer, you can reply on the blog, pinterest, facebook or twitter. Which ever way works just gotta have the answer right!

You can also email me directly at

Winner will receive  25 Personalized 12oz Stadium Cups.

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The Hostess with the Mostest

At a Co-ed Baby Shower

co-ed baby showers

co-ed baby showers

Games, Food, Drinks, Fun and Favors

Baby Showers need to be fun and these days are not just for women. Today both men and women are attending baby showers. They are have become more of a party than a day that girls get together to do girly things!

Your baby shower is a special event for the mom-to-be. Make the celebration memorable with personalized baby shower party favors. Your guests will love an eco-friendly favors, delicious great food and drinks and games that are fun for both men and women.


Men and women naturally get split up at parties in general, add the word baby shower to the mix and you heighten the likely hood of this happening. No stress though, this should be seen as appropriate natural behavior and there is no reason to stress about it, just stay calm and make sure the party is fit for both men and women. Use some baby shower games to bring the couples and genders back together for at least a little bit.

Games are great to play even in a mixed group of men and women. Baby shower games like timed changing diaper relays, baby madlibs, and other games are fun for both men and women. A great baby shower game to play with couples is the famous mothers and fathers, basically you just finish the sentence and make sure to fill out the answers correctly. To download the game click here.

Another funny game for guys to play is fill-up an 8 oz. baby bottle with milk or another beverage and see which one can drink it fastest.

Food and Drink

Finger sandwiches that us ladies usual see at baby showers thrown by the girls probably won’t be a meal fit for a king (the guys at the party). Make sure to incorporate Hors d’oeuvres like little pizzas, pigs in a blanket, chicken wings, etc. Even making a larger meal may be more appropriate,  if you think that would be better.

An even better idea would be to have a BBQ and have the guys doing the cooking on the grill outside.

Make sure to have lots of beer in stock. May even be a good idea to find out what people want to drink before hand. This way you are covering all grounds.

Of course have wine, spritzers and champagne for the ladies but also add drink that guy alike to drink more of.

All these ideas can make a co-ed baby shower a lot more guy friendly. Men already have a preconceived notion about baby showers are probably make a comment or two to their significant other regarding the fact they were even invited.

Ladies it is your job to help them realize the baby showers can be fun for men too and prove to them that times are changing!


Don’t let your guest go home empty handed. Personalized Cups will help everyone remember how much fun the had at the party. The personalized stadium cups from are great and are eco-friendly. They are reusable and are BPA FREE, so no harsh chemicals.  The cups will get a lot of use during the party too, especially if you were planning on having the BBQ baby shower. The cups can be used for the keg or any drink that will be served.

Other great favors are cookies and sweets to take home. Make sure the favors are not babyish and have a practical use. Men don’t like things that aren’t practical.

All in all the baby shower should be fun and not too girly like they have been stereotyped to be and have been traditionally. One last piece of advice is try and stay clear of a lot of girly talk this will keep the guys even further away. The co-ed baby shower will probably be filled with practical jokes, and other more general subjects.



Wedding Fashion 2013

Bride Fashion Week

Tangerine and Pink Popular Colors

Tangerine and Pink Popular Colors for 2013

We are best known for our wedding koozieZ but wedding fashion is important when choosing the kookie colors, so whether you are tying the knot or not, the dresses and styles for 2013 wedding fashions shown at bride fashion week. Some of the best and most beautiful gowns are being seen on the runway.

Before going into gowns, decorations, themes, wedding favor etc… Take a look at the Top 10 Wedding Color Combinations of 2013

1.Tangerine Tango & Hot Pink- representing bright and encouraging. Now, I know these colors sounds ver the top but despite both colors being bright the hot pink bring a softness to the combo.

2. Blush Pink & Pewter Gray- gorgeous and elegant. The pink is light and they grey brings an elegance to the mix. This combination is on a high and hasn’t been seen in years!  Great colors for table decorations. Matching these colors with koozies would be simple and classy.

3.Blue Willow & White-this blue color is flattering for just about any bride. These colors are very popular trend for 2012 and is continuing into 2013.

4.White On White- Traditional colors will never die. I’m not talking only about starch white but cream, ivory, eggshell, vanilla, magnolia, so many shades of white that are great for the bohemian style.

5.Red & Pink- Now I know how this sounds Valentines but add a little silver to the mix to separate the colors and use the colors in the right place and this can be pulled off

6.Sweet Lilac & Margarita– A light purple touch would be beautiful for a gown and works for both fair and dark complexions.

7.Rainbow- I am not talking about rainbows actually just add colorful parasols, bouquets, shoe or socks and add some brightness warm colors to your big day.

8.Olive Green & Topaz-Great Fall Colors, rich and vibrant. The mi is warm and inviting

 9.Champagne and Black-Slick and classy, imagine black satin table clothes with champagne colored pin tuck runners.

10.Peach & Silver– Another comeback color along with sea foam green. Very cool color combination for spring and summer. Sea Foam Green Koozies are in style these days.


Trendy Gown 2013

Trendy Gown 2013








The 2012-2013 wedding fashions are all inspired b y nature and a 1940’s twist.

More and more brides are asking for a flapper look, with lace, pearls, antique rhinestones and broaches.  The bridal gowns are ivory or a light beige sand color.  Think of this look as timeless, classy, vintage, romantic, elegant and soft all at the same time.

At the recent Bridal Fashion week well-known designers are following the trends.  Both Vera Wang and Oscar del Renta sent models out in crimson-hues dresses.

Temperley London showcased intricately beaded veils and bohemian-inspired column silhouettes perfect for the free-spirited bride.  These dresses are a perfect mix of flapper style and egyptian goddess

Reem Acra honed in on her signature brand of luxe embroidery, as seen in her expertly detailed skirt overlays and bustier necklines.

These looks are timeless, classy, vintage, romantic, elegant and soft all at the same time.

Locations and Decorations:

A wedding Fit for a Queen: Think of the ballroom in Titanic chandeliers, antique buffets, trunks, vintage white milk glass vases in assorted styles, and tall over the top arrangements with fluffy ostrich feathers amid lush white and cream flowers.  Brides are choosing peonies, roses, hydrangeas, Queen Ann’s lace, and fresh stephanotis with pearl pins.  Beauty, elegance and class are all bundled up in a wedding fit the for royalty.

The Free Spirited Bohemian Style: Nature Inspired, using local mixed garden flowers and grasses in assorted vessels such as antique watering cans, soda pop bottles, or mason jars. This wedding theme portrays a lovingly care free bride whom favors the look of burlap runners with tons of candles in different jam jars placed whimsically on the tables.

The bouquets in fashion for 2013 are still a lot f white however colorful bouquets are coming back in style as well. Not much has changed and the elegant ribbon wrapped around the flowers is still as popular as it was last season. However, the single flower with stems exposed is also rolling over to the 2013 wedding fashion.

Going for the more Bohemian look using an old handkerchief from a family member is a great alternative to the ribbon and gives the bouquet a special meaning to the “something old” requirement.

Top 10 Wedding Locations:

Hilton Resort in Honolulu

Hilton Resort in Honolulu

No particular order

1. Lindos Wedding Venue in St Pauls Bay

2. Betsy Barn in Pennsylvania

3. Stonebridge Farm and Nursery in Ambridge

4.Glades Pike Winery near Seven Springs

5. Royal Hideaway Playacar in Mexico

6. Half Moon Resort, Jamaica

7.The Ocean Club in the Bahamas

8. Hilton Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii

9. Vatulele Island Resort in Fiji

10. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Anywhere

Wedding Favors

I read a lot about couples trying to figure out if wedding favors are important or not. Everyone is on the fence, if people will use them and actually take them home. Well the truth is they are becoming more and more common. Not candy coated Almonds but more inspiring unforgettable favors.
Doing something different is always in style. Some people have even been donating to charities for their wedding favors and sharing the story or information about the foundation they donated to. Others are finding it a good idea to make extra sweets and leaving them on the dessert table, if anyone wants they can take them with them.  I even read of one girl making her brother-in-laws famous hot sauce and giving that as a gift. This idea is fun and different and it is also something special, that many people will use again.
I once had a friend that had an outside wedding. All the seats had a personalized pillow with a bunch of different fabrics. The pillows were for the guest to take home after the sat on them. They were really cute and simple pillows that could be used for many purposes. I use mine now for when I sit on the floor and I love it.
All these are fun, different ideas, but the most popular wedding favor for 2013 is personalized koozies.  Koozies can be customized to match theme, wedding colors and even gowns, and bride maids dresses. They are a lot of popular sayings an picture to put on them too. Koozies are also something that people will use over and over again and remember the wedding like it was yesterday.
I have heard a lot of people order koozies online from  I heard they have a great selections of colors and styles that are appropriate for every wedding.
Most Popular 2013 Wedding Favor

Most Popular 2013 Wedding Favor

Greatest Wedding Koozies Sayings

The Best and Most Popular Wedding Koozie Sayings

Your Official Guide Of What To Say

He Loves HER!!!!!!!!!!

He Loves HER!!!!!!!!!!

If your are looking for a complete guide of wedding koozie sayings look no further!

Here, you will find a variety of sayings for your perfect wedding koozies.

Putting sayings on a koozie is a great way to personalize them even more, not to mention people will remember your wedding for years to come.   Most people choose a saying along with their favorite wedding clip art.

Wedding Cake Couple Clip Art

Wedding Cake Couple Clip Art

Popular Wedding Koozies Sayings

  • “What a Catch” with Baseball & Mit image
  • “Somthing old, something new, something borrowed, and        my something blue” with blue koozie
  • “Eat, drink and be married!”
  • “Laugh, drink and be married!”
  • “Happiness is being married to your best friend”
  • “I went to ______ and ______’s wedding, and all I got was this damn koozie!”
  • “The wedding is here, time for beer!”
  • “Vows are Done, Time for Fun”
  • “Beer and koozies are like (your name) and (partner’s name)
  • “Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a koozie.”
  • “The sincerest love is the love of beer.”
  • “I stole this from ______ and ______’s wedding!”
  •   I married “Miss Right”. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that her first name was “Always”
  • “Live, Laugh, Love”
  • “The Hunt is Done! (with a hunting target or another hunting image)
  • “A wife is the joy of a man’s heart.”
  • “I married beneath me-all women do”

    Butterfly-Wedding Design

    Butterfly-Wedding Design

  • “The Sincerest Love is the Love of Beer.”
  • “Vows are done time for fun”
  • “Just Married, Might as well Drink!”
  • “Marriage is no a word…. it’s a sentence!”
  • “Early Marriage, Long Love”
  • “Marriage is like a crawfish trap. The ones on the outside are trying to get in, and the ones on the inside are trying to get out”
  • “My Dear, My Better Half”
  • “Marry Like You”
  •  “Until Death do us part” Then have a round circle with crosshairs underneath
  • “The goal in marriage is not to think alike but to think together”
  • “Make Love not War”… or Get Married and Do Both!”
  • “Been Hunt’n Hard and Finally Nailed Her” (then have a scope ring and crosshair as clip art)
  • “Beerly Beloved”
  • ” She Gave Him the Right Finger This Time”
  • “We Took the Leap!” (Picture of a frog or other hopping animal)
  • ” A hug for your drink from the new Mr. & Mrs.”
  • ” We’ve Been Hooked”
  • “I Love Open Bar At” then put the names and date of the wedding couple
  • “I will have what the Gentlemen on the Floor is having” then put the names and date of the wedding couple”
  • “Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth.”
  • “We are most alive when we’re in love.”
  • “Men have their will, but women have their way!”

Picking the perfect saying for your personalized wedding koozie is what will make it just the more special.

This is one wedding favor that everyone will appreciate. It is a useful gift unlike a piece of rice with names written on it, candy coated almonds, or a plastic carriage.

Wedding Koozies are more like the bouquet, everyone can’t wait to get their hands on them and they will fight over them too! They are a personalized gift from the bride and groom. And speaking of Bride and Groom you can even have special bride and groom koozies made just for the couple.

Bouquet or Koozies oh the decisions

Bouquet or Koozies oh the decisions

Remember that you can choose to print on both sides of all our standard koozie styles (hard foam, fabric, neoprene, zipper fabric, zipper neoprene and water bottles), so there is always enough room for your names and the wedding date.  Keep in mind too that you can choose a koozie color that matches your wedding colors, so everything matches!

Be sure to visit the wedding clip art library to choose the clip art that best fits your personalized wedding koozie.

If you have any more fun, cute, sweet wedding koozie sayings that you would like to share with the world,  please send me an email so I can begin to add them to the collection

Looking to celebrate you Irish bride for your wedding. Don’t pass this clip art!

Irish Wedding

Irish Wedding




May 5th Wedding

Kristen Is Getting Married

She Found Her Man and She Held His Hand

My Dearest friend is getting married on May 5th.  I am soo excited for her. I can’t wait to attend her wedding in Boston.   Being that I work for, you know I have to get her koozies.

Well actually she wasn’t too keen on the idea herself, it was actually her husband that went nuts over them.

I called her one night to chat about the idea of me purchasing wedding koozies for them. Kristen said to me “Koozies, but nobody in my family really drinks even.” I said but ‘they’re good for soda too!” No response…. a few days pasted. I receive an email from Jeff her finance.

He had over heard the conversation and asked Kristen to share the Popular Wedding Koozie pictures with him, which she did. He of course LOVED the idea and called me right away. Ana! He said,” I want the black koozies with the gold writing that says “To Have and To Hold and To Keep your Beer Cold!”

Done… “Jeff you have your Wedding Koozies!!!!!!”  “They will arrive with me on your Wedding 5 hours late…. Haha!! just joking I would not miss a minute of your wedding!”

Spring Weddings

If you are having a spring wedding in 2012 and need to get a quote on koozie or cups and want to get an idea on what you we can for you. Send me an email and mention that you read this blog to receive 5% OFF your order and 5% off your shipping contact me by email

Weddings in the Spring are as popular as wedding koozies and cups.

Wedding Cuties

Wedding Cuties

Celebrating Earth Day


Enjoy 10%OFF ALL ORDER NOW UNTIL April 22nd, 2012

Enjoy 10%OFF ALL ORDERS NOW UNTIL April 22nd, 2012

We are all about Saving Our Planet! That’s why for this weekend ONLY we will be offering 10% all orders using the discount code: Kooz4Earth. 

Orders Today with or you can email me directly

While your here check out there Earth Day Sayings and Pictures:

There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.  We are all crew.  ~Marshall McLuhan, 1964

I’m not an environmentalist.  I’m an Earth warrior.  ~Darryl Cherney, quoted in Smithsonian, April 1990

For 200 years we’ve been conquering Nature.  Now we’re beating it to death.  ~Tom McMillan, quoted in Francesca Lyman, The Greenhouse Trap, 1990

Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.
~Motto of the Baltimore Grotto, a caving society 

Beauty of Our Planet

Beauty of Our Planet

When do you see a Monkey hugging a Pigeon?

When do you see a Monkey hugging a Pigeon?


Endanger Mexican Walking Fish.... Pretty Cool

Endanger Mexican Walking Fish.... Pretty Cool

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